The Clinical Interview Smart Paper is intended to cover the initial consultation with a patient who has been referred to a neuropsychology service. Taking a good history and carrying out an in-depth interview is sometimes neglected in neuropsychological practice, and in some instances may provide critical information which is not elicited by neuropsychological testing. Areas covered in this Smart Paper include –

  • Background information, including age, education, occupation, past medical history, medication, sleep, fatigue, alcohol intake, pain-related physical symptoms.
  • Cognitive symptoms, with specific examples of memory symptoms since these are by far the most common cognitive symptoms reported by neurological or neuropsychiatric patients.
  • Mood, motivation, temperament and anxiety level, together with hallucinations and behavioural changes.
  • Instrumental activities of daily living including those related to occupation, driving, household tasks, using a computer and mobile phone, financial transactions.
  • Sections to cover orientation, knowledge of personalities in the news (identification, dead/alive).
  • Additional sections relating to general advice for the ‘worried well’, advice relating to executive dysfunction, dealing with cognitive effort issues, and more general advice on coping with disabilities.

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