This Psychological v Neurological Smart Paper has been developed by Professor Narinder Kapur and Dr Veronica Bradley. The Psychological v Neurological Diagnosis Smart Paper is intended to cover the very common scenario in clinical neuropsychology practice where the issue is one of teasing apart an organic from a psychogenic aetiology. Areas covered include –

  • Clinical features in neurological conditions. Clinical features largely focus on items which would be gleaned at clinical interview.
  • Clinical features in psychological conditions. This includes a section that highlights the various ways in which limitations in cognitive effort may become manifest, in addition to deliberate malingering.
  • Features of neuropsychological test performance in neurological conditions. In this section, features of performance are summarised which support a diagnosis of an organic basis to the condition under review.
  • Neuropsychological test performance features in psychological conditions. This includes both general neuropsychological test features which support a psychological basis to a clinical condition and also those features which may reflect poor cognitive effort.

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